Counseling Services

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Individual Counseling Services Available in Champaign, IL

Whether you are looking for a counselor to meet with one-on-one to talk to privately or whether you are looking for someone that will engage your entire family, Keri Powell Therapy offers counseling services that will accommodate your needs.


Individual Counseling
We offer several counselors who are able to work with children, teens, and adults. Our clinicians are able to help people process adjustments in their life, manage mental illness, and work on addiction problems. Our therapists have a wide range of specialties and unique skill sets. We are confident that we have the right therapist to meet your needs. Please, see our list of therapists to search for who you might feel comfortable meeting.




Couples Counseling


We have clinicians with extensive experience in helping clients restore marriages and save relationships. Our practice offers a private setting for you to work through relationship problems. We have experience in premarital counseling to prepare people for this commitment, and we have worked with many couples to fix problems in their relationships.




Children’s Counseling


Keri Powell Therapy offers mental health services for children utilizing a large playroom facility. One of our therapists has received specialized training in Theraplay which is a child and family therapy that utilizes healthy attachments and relationships to bring about positive change for the child. Our clinicians work with young people experiencing behavioral difficulties, working through trauma and victimization, and processing grief and loss to name just a few.