Olga Naroditskaya

Olga Naroditskaya

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 5 years of experience providing therapy to teens and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, life stressors, unprocessed trauma, and challenges related to gender/sexual identity.  I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Denver, where I started my career as a Clinical Social Worker.  My early experiences in this field included a role as a Therapist and Intern Supervisor at The Gender Identity Center of Colorado, where I provided crisis management and individual therapy to LGBTQIA+ youth working through difficulties related to self-acceptance, ‘coming out,’ and gender transition.

Additionally, I bring with me previous experience working with sexual assault survivors in both a rape crisis and long-term counseling setting, assisting clients in finding the courage to process, cope with, and thrive beyond profoundly traumatic experiences. These specialized practice placements allow me to bring forward a more comprehensive perspective to working with clients who are experiencing challenges related to trauma and sexual/gender identity, enhancing my general practice background providing therapy to diverse individuals struggling with mood-related difficulties and life stressors.

In working with clients, I assist individuals in uncovering their strengths and sense of empowerment, enjoying a renewed sense of hope to pursue a life of both meaning and purpose. I utilize a person-in-environment lens, understanding and addressing the impact of familial upbringing and larger cultural stressors on individuals. Maintaining a holistic perspective that considers the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – in addition to lifestyle and environmental factors is central to my practice as a Therapist.

I approach treatment from a collaborative, client-centered perspective with the goal of helping you to move toward the version of your life that you may have given up hope for. But the truth is that I see you. I see your strength, your courage, and your persistence in the face of all the things life has thrown your way, you magical unicorn of resilience. I wholeheartedly believe that great therapy is about a relationship built on respect and empathy (and sometimes a gentle nudge in the right direction), and I’m excited to walk that journey with you.

Olga practices at our Bloomington location.