Professional Therapy: Three Reasons to Seek It Out

Whether you’re hoping to grow as an individual and become the best version of yourself possible or get over a traumatic experience, professional therapy can help. The therapy process can be difficult at first, especially for those who have never sought professional assistance in the past, but it can truly change your life for the better.

Professional therapy can be broken down into three main categories: individual counseling, couples counseling, and youth counseling. Each of these types of counseling can help you and those you love overcome all kinds of difficult challenges, including the relationship issues you may have with each other.

Here are three common reasons for people to seek out professional therapy:

Personal Growth

Even if you think everything in your life is perfect and you’re the happiest you’ve ever been — which is likely not the case — you can still benefit from professional therapy. Working alongside a compassionate counselor will help you identify your personal weaknesses. Then, you can start addressing them one by one and improve as an individual.

professional therapy

Substance Abuse

Addiction issues remain as one of the most concerning epidemics in the United States. For Americans above the age of 50 years old, substance abuse rates more than doubled between 2002 and 2012. Professional therapy can help you fight back against the dangerous disease of addiction.

Relationship Issues

Being in a happy and healthy relationship might seem easy from the movies, but that’s far from the truth. To be in an engaging, happy, and healthy relationship, both partners need to work at it — a lot. Couples counseling can be great for both new relationships and couples that have been together for years.

Other possible reasons to seek professional therapy include religious and spiritual concerns, emotional distress, loss and coping skills, psychiatric and clinical disorders, and dealing with trauma and abuse.

If you want to learn more about how professional therapy can help better your life, career, and relationship, as well as understand the various steps of the therapy process, contact Keri Powell Therapy today.