Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that is easy to misunderstand. It can be challenging to live with bipolar disorder, but receiving a diagnosis shouldn’t make someone feel that their life is over. People can, and do, live normal, healthy lives after being diagnosed with any of the four forms of bipolar disorder. They just [...]

Am I Depressed or Am I Just Sad?

Sadness is an emotion that all humans experience. Even animals can become sad and lethargic when they lose something meaningful in their lives. It’s a natural feeling, and it is unpleasant to experience for a reason. Just as the unpleasant feeling of loneliness is supposed to drive us toward making interpersonal connections, sadness, in a [...]

The New Year is a great time to start afresh. We put up a blank calendar just waiting for us to fill it with new goals and achievements, benchmarks and priorities. It seems like most people make new year’s resolutions of some kind. But for most people, those resolutions fail. Often, we stall out within [...]

It’s been a challenging year for many people, and the holiday season can make everything seem even harder. Job losses, social isolation, and economic uncertainty have taken their toll on all of us. Many of us won’t be able to spend time with friends and family this year the way we’re used to, and that [...]

The holidays are here, with bright lights, Christmas music, and daunting expectations for all. The ever-present holiday cheer can make preexisting sadness seem more poignant by contrast. In many cases, the holiday season itself gets the blame for our lingering feelings of sadness or inadequacy. What should be a time of happiness, reunions, and fellowship [...]

Loneliness is never far from us, even at the best of times. While the Industrial Revolution made more extraordinary feats possible, it started making things possible with less human involvement. No longer does it take the entire community to raise a barn or build a house. We’ve shifted toward heavy equipment and sub-contractors, and lost [...]

There are many reasons why people choose to pursue therapy; they may want to resolve past trauma, work through an issue like addiction, or improve their self-confidence among many other things. While individual therapy work is very important, individual issues can often be affected by a person’s relationship with others — particularly a romantic partner. [...]

Just as regular physical checkups help maintain physical wellness, engaging in individual counseling can be a proactive way to maintain good mental health. Many people equate counseling with mental illness, and it can be a very effective tool to address a variety of mental health concerns. But anyone can benefit from counseling, no matter where [...]

Do You Need to See a Therapist?

In 2018 approximately 25 percent of adults under 50 in the United States suffered from some form of mental illness. However, mental health therapy is still considered taboo in some cultural circles. There is an overwhelming expectation to “buck up” and handle problems on your own. In some cases, you might turn to friends and [...]

Depression is a hot topic that seems to be thrown around in everyday conversations about mental health. It can manifest in many forms, and its severity can range from mild to severe, requiring various types of treatment. While there is no cure for depression, there are many ways people cope when they find themselves experiencing [...]