The Stressful Fall Season: Tips to help you cope

The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. The temperature is dropping, and the days are becoming shorter. School is in full swing, and the holidays are just around the corner.

With all of the changes happening during the fall, the urge to stay inside and prepare for an impromptu hibernation session becomes more and more tempting. Luckily, there are plenty of activities that can help you cope with the stressful fall season and be prepared for the changes ahead.

Outdoor Adventures

The weather is getting colder and colder each day, and the last thing anyone wants to do is go outside. But, as the weather becomes colder and the days become shorter, it is even more important to go outside and enjoy all of the sunlight that you possibly can.

Put on a jacket and a hat, and go enjoy the beauty that fall has to offer. Go with your friends, your children, or maybe even by yourself to a corn maze. Go apple picking. Take a walk through the park and admire the leaves that are displaying their warm, vibrant fall colors. With the temperature at a more manageable level compared to the summer, fall is the perfect time to enjoy what nature has to offer you.

Indoor Ideas

We all know that sometimes fall doesn’t provide us with the best weather to spend time outdoors. Rain and the rapidly dropping temperatures often make us want to stay inside. That’s okay; there is plenty to do indoors.

One indoor activity you might find relaxing is baking, and fall is the perfect time to turn on the oven, warm up the house, and try out new recipes. The smell of apple pies and other fall treats baking does wonders to reduce stress levels for many people. Plus, who doesn’t like working out some frustration by kneading a big pile of dough?

If baking isn’t your thing, take some time alone to cozy up to a show that you have been meaning to watch for the first–or maybe the fiftieth–time. Or, perhaps you would prefer to curl up with a good book and some warm cider.

There are plenty of ways you can cope with the stressful fall season while indoors. Discover what activities help you, and make time for yourself.

stressful fall season


We all know that the winter holidays are right around the corner, and you may have already begun seeing the commercials to remind you. Not only are the holidays known as the most wonderful time of the year, but they are also one of the most stressful times, as well.

The holidays can be especially taxing for many who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances. There are many service organizations–both religious and secular–that reach out to help those individuals, and the holiday season is their busiest time of the year. Just as you are preparing for your holiday season, these organizations are preparing as well.

Helping others can be another way for you to cope with the stressful fall season. Through volunteering, you can meet people who share your compassion for and understanding of those facing tough times. You may also have the opportunity to meet people you have never met before and hear their story.

There are plenty of organizations both locally and nationally that do some of their strongest outreach during the holidays and need a lot of help preparing during the fall. Pick your favorite one, give them a call, and discover how you can help make the holiday season better for someone else.

When the Stressful Fall Season is Weighing Too Heavily on You

If you are experiencing heightened stress levels during the fall season try a few of the suggestions above. However, if you find yourself in a funk that you just cannot shake, please give us a call. One of the experienced therapists at Keri Powell Therapy can help you work through your stress so you, too, can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.