Burnout is a type of chronic, work-related stress that affects millions of Americans every year. Unlike regular stress, which can be treated with a short break or with calming breaths, burnout is a feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion that needs to be treated with long-term stress-management counseling. That said, what else can you do [...]

Every type of relationship faces triumphs and struggles. You and your significant other will likely have wonderful, perfect days, as well as days when you both seem upset and out of sync. When you and your partner are experiencing common relationship problems, it can be hard to figure out if the conflict is normal and [...]

When you’re going through tough times, it can be difficult to know when to seek help. After all, you’ve weathered storms in life before– this too shall pass, right? While you might be the type to wait for storms to blow over, in some situations, waiting too long to seek mental health assistance can have [...]

Whether you’re hoping to grow as an individual and become the best version of yourself possible or get over a traumatic experience, professional therapy can help. The therapy process can be difficult at first, especially for those who have never sought professional assistance in the past, but it can truly change your life for the [...]

As most people know, the world of mental health and therapy faces a significant degree of stigma. Although nearly anyone can benefit from various forms of counseling services, too often people view couples therapy in particular as a waste of time or money. In addition to the excuse that premarital or couples counseling is a [...]

Choosing an effective therapist is hard. Chances are, you’re already going through a difficult time in your life. The last thing you need is the additional trouble that might come from working with a therapist who doesn’t meet your needs. Your therapist should be someone you trust to maintain privacy, be professional, and empower you [...]

In the United States, the current divorce rate is around 50%, meaning that millions of families are impacted by divorce every year. The process of going through a divorce is one of the toughest hardships a family can face. While parents are likely going through confusing emotions and making difficult decisions, for children, the turmoil [...]

Unlike physical injury or illness, noticing the symptoms of a mental illness can be much more difficult. Your friend or family member may be struggling with mental health symptoms that aren’t obvious to an onlooker. Additionally, many mental health conditions prevent individuals from asking for help. For example, social anxiety disorder might hinder a person [...]

Although romantic and sexual relationships can be among the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of our lives, every relationship has its downside. No matter whom you’re with or how long you’ve been together, inevitably, your relationship will face challenges. While occasional fights, frustrations, and doubts are not necessarily cause for concern, other relationship problems can [...]

There is often a stigma attached to mental illness or emotional hardship. Society does not often support or understand someone seeking out mental health services. The stigma can be even more pervasive when it comes to childhood mental health. There are quite a few misconceptions when about counseling for children. Let’s take a look at [...]