We have all heard it before. The youth of today has become too focused on themselves. Social media is a plague that needs to be eradicated. The selfies and the self obsession have become too much. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your new outfit, a new hairstyle, or a picture of [...]

The cold and bleak winter months are behind us, and the sun has peeked out from behind the clouds. The summer days are longer, and the temperature is warmer. It is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy everything that the summer months have to offer. One of the many benefits of the summer [...]

Children are often known to have a way with words and can say some of the most imaginative things. Some children, however, are not able to express themselves through the use of words. What can we do when a child struggles with putting their thoughts and feelings into words or is entirely non-verbal? What can [...]

Having a baby is often one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. You have waited nine months to see your new baby. You have planned every detail, documented every step of the pregnancy, and have celebrated the impending arrival of the baby with friends and family. You have finally given birth, and the [...]

Parents, whether biological or adoptive, have always been there for us when we needed them most. They have taken care of us when we were sick, celebrated our achievements, and have helped us get back up after a defeat. No matter how old we get, we still lean on our parents and hold them in [...]

There is no doubt that your mental health should be treated just as importantly as your physical health. In many cases, the two go hand-in-hand. Just as you would take the time to carefully research doctors and surgeons before a medical appointment or operation, it is also important for you to take the time to [...]

The Christian life is a life that focuses on holy Scripture and prayer. Christians rely on their faith in God to guide their daily lives. But when it comes to mental health issues, many Christians reject therapy as a path toward healing. Even though Christian counseling has been on the rise recently, many Christians still [...]

Making the decision to seek counseling can be a hard one. Your first therapy session may seem daunting. You may have questions: What will happen? What will I need? Will the questions they ask be too invasive? What if I’m not ready to talk about an extremely personal experience with someone I just met? Those [...]

Marriage counseling is often thought of as happening during a marriage, to save relationships. But marriage counseling can also mean counseling that deals with the end of the marriage and its aftermath. Common wisdom suggests that divorce is akin to the death of a loved one. As such, divorce requires no less care of all [...]

More and more people are living together with a partner before getting married. Since 1990, the number of couples who do this has gone up by 138%. There are a number of things you can do to keep your relationship strong, before and after marriage. Following are eight tips that are sure to help you [...]