The winter holidays are over, and as much as you might want to get away from your family and back to your friends, the classes and work that await you are not necessarily things to be excited about. The second semester can signal the beginning of the end for graduating students or just another semester [...]

Have you ever found yourself feeling more “down” in the winter time? Are you lacking energy that you usually have during the rest of the year and have no idea what is causing the change? This change during the winter can be known as the Winter Blues, and it affects more people than you may [...]

As the holidays arrive, families travel near and far to gather together to celebrate. As much as we may love to see our family and spend the holidays with those we love, it can be a bit stressful. Some of us, no matter how much we love our family, have a hard time being around [...]

We come up with goals more times than we can be bothered to count. Every year we make a resolution that we swear we are going to follow during the year. In the spring we insist on setting a goal to achieve the “Summer Body.” We want to save money for a new car, learn [...]

The Importance of Gratitude

During this time of the year, we are bombarded with positive messages of the season: warmth, joy, family, and the importance of gratitude. It is a common tradition for family members and friends to sit around the table and take turns naming people, things, and events for which they are thankful. However, when you look [...]

Entering preschool can be one of the most frightening transitions for children. And let’s face it, parents sometimes have a hard time, as well. This might be the first time we let our children out of our care and entrust their safety and well-being to a complete stranger. However, as scary as it can be [...]

The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. The temperature is dropping, and the days are becoming shorter. School is in full swing, and the holidays are just around the corner. With all of the changes happening during the fall, the urge to stay inside and prepare for an impromptu hibernation session becomes [...]

Halloween is undoubtedly the spookiest time of the year. Witches, monsters, ghosts, and goblins are plastered throughout the town, in yards and on houses. People flock to the local theater to watch some of the most famous and chilling horror movies. For most children, the highlight of every Halloween night is trick or treating. What’s [...]

When you leave for college, you will most likely leave behind the very rigid structure of your high school life. You were likely involved in more activities than you had reasonable time for just to get into college. With so many activities, your daily schedule was likely filled to the point that you didn’t even [...]

Disagreements are bound to happen. Whether they be with a parent, co-worker, or friend, an argument is sure to sour any mood, especially one with a spouse. Disagreements can let others know where you stand on certain issues, and they are perfectly healthy to have. However, the problem arises when you and your partner lack [...]