Couples Therapy: Three Important Outcomes to Expect

couples couseling

Though you may think that going to couples therapy is one more step down the staircase of a failed relationship, this myth simply isn’t true. Even if therapy cannot save relationships and restore marriages every time, there are still productive outcomes of professional couples counseling that can benefit any struggling relationship.

Here are just a few positive ways couples counseling can foster better relationships and teach individuals to be better partners:

Therapy Can Help Each Partner See the Other Person’s Perspective

While the most successful counseling can restore marriages, the primary goals of couples counseling is to help individuals be more socially and emotionally prepared to handle any relationship. Empathy and listening exercises help partners listen and understand the other’s point of view. Therapists can help couples understand not only the other side’s perspective on specific issues but see how the other person understands the world. Learning each partner’s wishes, goals, and fears is a key step to resolving any conflict.

Couples Counseling Can Help You Learn How Relationships Work

Though therapy may seem to simply be guided discussions, relationship education is a key aspect of productive couples counseling. Individuals who grew up in dysfunctional families may only know what a healthy relationship is through television. Not having any role model relationships can leave partners unsure of how to treat the other party with the love and patience they deserve. Sometimes, counseling can restore marriages by simply teaching each partner the elements of a good relationship.

Counseling Services Can Help Teach Good Communication Skills

Finally, many individuals find that therapy teaches them to be better communicators, both in their marriage and in all other relationships. Communication is considered one of the “three C’s” of intimacy, alongside closeness and commitment. Learning how to explain your thoughts, feelings, and desires to a partner clearly and kindly is a huge step toward a more peaceful and loving relationship.

Sadly, the current U.S. divorce rate is around 50%. Any couple going through tough times knows how hard it is to see the positives of their situation. Even with effective therapy, individuals may not always be able to save a relationship. However, counseling can still teach the conflict resolution, communication, and empathy skills necessary for better relationships moving forward.

If you and your partner would like to take steps to improve your relationship contact Keri Powell Therapy to explore the benefits of couples counseling.